Many of us may remember Sunday school stories of the Garden of Eden, Moses and the Red Sea, and David and Goliath. But after King Solomon things get fuzzy. In A Royal Mess we examine Bible history’s “black hole” that swirls around the split of Israel and Judah. Studying 1 & 2 Kings is particularly refreshing.

Refreshing? A strange word to use when studying the train wrecks of Kings. But God’s people, myself included, seem to have a knack for getting in messes—in our families, in our workplace, in our churches. The books of 1 & 2 Kings remind us how God works despite His kings’ messes and that sin cannot derail His plan of redemption.

Books can be ordered summer 2023. Teaching videos will be available fall 2023.

Books will be available to order in summer 2023.

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