We are happy to offer you resources provided at Women’s Ministry Leadership Training 2023

Audio from Keynotes and Workshops * Leadership Training Keynote and Workshop Handouts * Devotionals to use with your team * Better Together e-book 

Better Together: A Team-based Approach to Women’s Ministry e-book

We hope that this will be a practical resource for you. The book covers articles written by our National Women’s Ministry Team on:

  • Better Together – Introduction
  • Thinking Biblically About a Team-based Approach to Women’s Ministry Prayer as a Team Priority
  • Purposeful Team Planning
  • How to Recruit an Intergenerational Team
  • Titus 2: The Biblical Recipe for Recruiting Women’s Ministry Leaders Unity Not Uniformity
  • Cultivating Community On Your Leadership Team
  • Effective Communication
  • How to Run an Effective Team Meeting
  • Women’s Ministry Teams Working with The Male Leadership
  • Aligning Your Women’s Ministry with Your Church’s Mission and Vision Women’s Ministry Teams Working with Other Ministries in the Church
  • Gracious Leadership Transfer
  • Team-Based Model for Women’s Ministry

Better Together Leadership Training Notebook

Click here for our Better Together notes and outlines of the various keynotes and workshops at Leadership Training.

  • Keynote 1 – CALLING (Chris and Karen Hodge)
  • Keynote 2 – COMMUNITY (Chris and Karen Hodge, Meaghan May)
  • Keynote 3 – PAUL AND COLLABORATION (Jamie Voss, Marcie Tuten)
  • Keynote 4 – COMMUNICATION (Susan Tyner, Paula Miles)
  • Keynote 5 – STEWARDSHIP & CELEBRATION (Chandra Oliver, Tatiana Anderson)
  • Keynote 6 – CREATING RHYTHMS OF PRAYER IN AN ANXIOUS WORLD (Vanessa K. Hawkins, Carrie Mills)
  • Workshop 1 – CORE VALUES (Susan Hunt, Melanie Cogdill)
  • Workshop 2 – CULTIVATING LEADERS (Cheryl Mullis, Teri Anderson)
  • Workshop 3 – CREATING COMMUNITY (Shea Patrick, Courtney Denton)

Devotionals for Women’s Ministry Teams

Karen Hodge wrote 5 devotionals for your team to use. Click for a copy of the PDF to share with your team.