The PCA Women’s Ministry Team brings a scope of godly, diverse servants with unity and love for one another. The vision that drives them as a team is to continue to maintain and grow a biblical strategy for encouraging and equipping women to share their gifts and graces for the mutual good as part of their covenantal privilege and responsibility. Meet this passionate, gifted, team that brings servant hearts to help serve the body of Christ.

Karen Hodge

Coordinator for CDM Women’s Ministry

Karen Hodge serves as the Coordinator for CDM Women’s Ministry, where she seeks to connect women and churches to one another and to sound resources. She is also having the time of her life serving alongside her husband, pastor and best friend Chris, who is a pastor at Village Seven Presbyterian Church in Colorado Springs. Chris and Karen have two adult children, Anna Grace Botka and Haddon Hodge. It is from the perspective of a wife, mother, leader and fellow pilgrim that she hopes to offer insights from God’s Word concerning how she and they can most effectively learn to enjoy and extend God’s glory. Karen is the host of the enCourage podcast and has authored Transformed: Life-taker to Life-giver, Life-giving Leadership (along with Susan Hunt); and Breathe: The Life-giving Oxygen of the Lord’s Prayer. Karen can be reached at 678-825-1146 or khodge@pcanet.org.

Kathy Wargo

CDM Event Coordinator & Women’s Ministry Assistant

Kathy brings order to our chaos! Organizing logistics and creating spreadsheets, registering and answering conference attendees’ questions, and putting feet to the vision of Women’s Ministry with Karen Hodge are some of the things Kathy does while working remotely from Delaware for CDM–and all with a humble spirit. If you have attended a CDM conference or event, you have probably been blessed by Kathy’s attention to detail and helpful attitude. Kathy can be reached at 678-825-1132 or kwargo@pcanet.org.

Meaghan May

PCA Elders’ Wives Liaison

Meaghan May is grateful for the gospel and loves inviting women to live in light of the good news of the steadfast love of God in their current season. She is the PCA Elders’ Wives Liaison with PCA’s Discipleship Ministries (CDM). She has lived in many regions of the country and knows the goodness of God’s presence and work in each location. Over the past two decades, she has served alongside her husband in church planting, in women’s ministry, children’s ministry, special needs ministry, conference planning, retreat speaking, coaching, and youth ministry. She loves the church and is thankful to equip and encourage His people, especially those serving as Elder’s wives. Meaghan has been on the PCA Women’s Ministry National Team as a Regional Advisor and currently serves as a trainer with Parakaleo. Meaghan loves to hike, laugh, read, experiment with new recipes, and cram into the minivan to explore new places on road trips with their five beautiful children. Meaghan can be reached at mmay@pcanet.org.


The Women’s Ministry Regional Advisors (RA’s) are women just like you who love their churches, serve in their local women’s ministries, and live in your geographic context. They delight to connect women and churches to one another and to strategic and sound resources. These volunteer women work together with our National Team to strengthen churches and Presbytery women’s ministries. We encourage you to reach out to your Regional Advisor and begin building a relationship today.


It is more natural for us to think of stage in life, church size, age, and family structure of the women of our denomination when we begin working on a ministry event or presentation because many times we think of ourselves and our experiences. It takes a little more effort/intentionality to think about diversity (race/culture), particular needs (military families, church planters, families with persons with disabilities), or even uniqueness in geographic context or being new to the PCA unless we have a personal connection or experience in our own lives. 

The Liaison/Advisor positions were developed to be intentional about engaging and serving women of the PCA; those who represent the unique and growing cultural diversity and those committed to military service as a soldier or a soldier’s spouse in our denomination. 

These positions work together with the team “to maintain and grow a biblical strategy for encouraging and equipping women” through the planning and development of training opportunities, materials, and programs for women.


The Women’s Ministries Trainers are women just like you. They serve in their PCA church’s women’s ministries. Their delight is to connect your church’s women’s ministry and presbytery to resources that will help the women you serve think biblically about all of life and then live out those truths in the context of community with the aim of strengthening the church.

Our Women’s Ministry Training Brochure gives information about hosting a women’s ministry training at your presbytery or church.

If you would like to have a trainer come to your church,
please contact Karen Hodge at khodge@pcanet.org.