2024 Recommended Summer Study

No Empty Word:
Relentless Pursuit
A Study on Hosea

Listen to the recording of our time with Paula Miles and Karen Hodge on May 2 by clicking this link.
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Filled with shocking language and uncomfortable spiritual realities, the Book of Hosea is unlike any other book in the Bible and yet is a summary of the whole of Scripture. It is the graphic story of our holy God’s deep love, relentless pursuit, and transformation of His faithless and sinful people. With plot twists expected in a romantic movie, God called the prophet Hosea to marry and love the unfaithful prostitute, Gomer, to live out the reality of God’s relationship with Israel.

This summer join teacher Paula Miles and women throughout the PCA for a behind-the-scenes study of the prophet’s dramatic story and our place within it. Experience in Hosea the relentless—persistent, incessant, unwavering, and persevering—pursuit of the Lord.

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  • On May 2, 7-8pm EST, watch our Relentless Pursuit Training for Women’s Ministry Leaders to hear from our author, Paula Miles. See link above.
  • Cost: $15.99 on PCA Bookstore website; $14.99 for 5-9 copies; $13.99 for 10+ copies
  • This eight-week study will include videos and podcasts that will be available during the Summer 2024 for those who purchase the book. There is no charge for the videos during the Summer 2024.
  • Videos will be available on this webpage (under Weekly Content below) during the summer, from May 15 to August 31, 2024 at no extra charge.
  • Beginning September 1, 2024, you can access the videos at digital.pcacdm.org. The cost at that time will be $15 for individuals or $75 for a group to view them.
  • Preview Relentless Pursuit Chapter 1.

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“What could the modern church have in common with ancient Israel during the days of Hosea? Everything. With biblical precision, Paula Miles gives gospel clarity to a shocking love story of spiritual adultery met with matchless mercy. Your journey through Relentless Pursuit will be worth it. Christ, your Bridegroom, awaits!”
—Leslie Bennett has led Women’s Ministry in two local churches, and serves as the Director Of Women’s Ministries Initiatives at Revive Our Hearts. She is the editor of Here to Serve: Breaking Free From Lies Leaders Believe (releasing in 2024). A teacher at heart, she is devoted to training and discipling the next generation to treasure Christ above all. Leslie and her husband Mac live in SC where she loves spending time with family, and admiring Lowcountry sunsets.

“Without a historical context, a first read of Hosea can leave us with the conclusion that God’s call on His prophet was unloving, harsh, and mean. But Paula Miles dives deep into this book and leaves no stone unturned to help us discover God’s pursuing love in a way that can transform our lives from despair to hope and joy.”
—Sharon W. Betters, Executive Director, MARKINC, Help & Hope Podcast Host, co-author with Susan Hunt of Aging with Grace, Flourishing in an Anti-Aging Culture

“Like a difficult climb that’s rewarded with a breathtaking view; Hosea is a challenging book but displays God’s love like no other. With an eye both towards the details of each passage, and towards the whole story of God’s redemption, Paula Miles helps us to experience God’s transforming love. I know your group or church will benefit from it as ours has.”
—Rev. Bryan Counts, Senior Pastor, Clemson Presbyterian Church 

Relentless Pursuit was a comfort, and a challenge, to my heart; God’s Word always does both through the gospel! Paula is an ideal guide through Hosea because she deeply loves God, cherishes His Word, and is humbly committed to faithfully serving the Bride of Christ.”
—Ellen Mary Dykas, Director of Equipping for Ministry to Women, Harvest USA; Author, Sexual Faithfulness: Gospel-infused, Practical Discipleship for Women

“In this Bible study, Paula helps us dig deep to discover Jesus in the story of Hosea and Gomer. She helps us see His triumphant, transforming, covenant love for His bride. And she helps us bow in wonder that we are the bride.”
—Susan Hunt Author of Aging with Grace, Spiritual Mothering and numerous other books

“The story of Hosea is our story. It’s the story of God’s pursuit of His wayward children. Join Paula Miles as she guides readers in exploring the riches of this gospel laced book of the Bible. She is a winsome and wise guide, giving readers an ever-growing picture of the wonder and grace of the Father’s love for His children. As we engage with the book of Hosea, it will expose our idolatrous ways. It will draw us to the cross and to the grace of redemption. And it will transform our heart.”
—Christina Fox, speaker, writer, author of Idols of a Mother’s Heart and Alongside Care

“In this beautiful study, Paula Miles reminds us that though we may experience God’s discipline, His desire is not to destroy, but to restore us. In every chapter Paula shows us the pursuing heart of our loving Father who sent His Son to find us and bring us home.”
—Abby Ross Hutto, Director of Spiritual Formation, Story Presbyterian Church; author of God For Us: Discovering the Heart of the Father through the Life of the Son

“At the peak of prosperity, yet on the brink of exile, God’s people are confronted by the prophet Hosea to repent and return to the Lord. A faithful guide, Paula Miles unfolds the story in its redemptive historical context, consistently points us to Christ, and provides thought-provoking application. I happily recommend it.”
—Sarah Ivill, author of The Covenantal Life: Appreciating the Beauty of Theology and Community

“I have known Paula Miles for many, many years. She is a gifted elder’s wife and, as a teacher and writer, a gift to the church. In this Bible study series, her exceptional application of the words of the prophet Hosea draws us to see our unfaithfulness to God and His drawing us by the redeeming faithfulness of His grace. There are no empty or wasted words here.”
—Rod Mays, National Coordinator Emeritus, RUF, Adjunct Professor, RTS Charlotte

“I knew Paula was a good speaker, but in her inaugural written study, she proves to be a great writer as well. I look forward to using Relentless Pursuit in my church so we catch a glimpse into God’s amazing grace for a Gomer-like people.”
—Susan Tyner, Coordinator of Women’s Ministry for Trinity Presbyterian Church in Fort Worth, TX and author of What’s SHE Doing Here? and What a Royal Mess!

See FAQs below to find answers to your questions

You can purchase your print copy at the PCA Bookstore. There is a bulk discount so buy for a group, save the shipping, and have a porch pick up. Currently, the books are available for pre-order and should be ready to ship to have in time for the release of the first video in June.

For those who purchase a book, the videos will be available at no charge until August 31, 2024. Then they will be available for purchase from digital.pcacdm.org.

Lesson 1:  33 minutes
Lesson 2:  46 minutes
Lesson 3:  33 minutes
Lesson 4:  30 minutes
Lesson 5:  37 minutes
Lesson 6:  39 minutes
Lesson 7:  35 minutes
Lesson 8:  36 minutes

Yes! We invite you to do the study in the summer, fall, or even next spring! Beginning September 1, 2024, there will be a charge for the videos.

YES and YES! You can do it with women in your church, neighborhood or far away friends. I heard about a group of MTW missionaries who plan to study together and I loved the story of a grandmother who is doing it with her daughter and granddaughter. We have provided helpful tips and discussion questions. You could meet virtually or, Lord willing, in person. You could also do it individually at your own pace.

No! We’d love to have as many join as possible!

On this website, you will see links to teaching videos. You can watch them anytime you’d like from the website.

If you are gathering as a group, it would be good to give everyone her copy of the book ahead of time. It works best to interact 3 times with the material: first in reading and answering questions, second in listening to/watching the videos, and third in discussing the small group questions.

If you still have a question, email Kathy Wargo, kwargo@pcanet.org or call 678-825-1132.

Lesson 1: An Unlikely Bride – Hosea 1
Lesson 2: Relentless Pursuit – Hosea 2 & 3
Lesson 3: The Patient Lion – Hosea 4 & 5
Lesson 4: “What Shall I Do with You?” – Hosea 6, 7, & 8
Lesson 5: You Reap What You Sow – Hosea 9 & 10
Lesson 6: How Can I Give You Up? – Hosea 11
Lesson 7: Covenant Tension – Hosea 12 & 13
Lesson 8: Our Faithful Bridegroom – Hosea 14

Author: Paula Miles is wife to Kevin, mother of four, and grandmother. She grew up in Anderson, SC, and graduated from Clemson University. She has experienced the joy of being a full-time homemaker and public school teacher; currently she serves as women’s ministry coordinator at Clemson Presbyterian Church where she has been on staff since 2014. Studying and teaching God’s Word is her passion, as well as encouraging and equipping women as they walk with Jesus. She is a conference and retreat speaker; and serves on the PCA’s Discipleship Ministries (CDM) National Women’s Ministry Team as a trainer. She enjoys regular exercise, a good cup of coffee, watching sporting events, and investing in the lives of her family and friends.