God’s WORD tells us we are

MORE Purpose • MORE Value  MORE Mission
MORE Hope • MORE Belonging

…than the WORLD could ever offer!

Birmingham, AL – September 13-14, 2024
San Diego, CA – September 27-28, 2024
Colorado Springs, CO – October 18-19, 2024
Naples, FL – November 8-9, 2024
Annapolis, MD – November 15-16, 2024
Charlotte, NC – Jan. 31-Feb. 1, 2025
Dallas, TX – April 4-5, 2025
Naperville, IL – May 2-3, 2025

Early Registration Cost: $75/person; $30 for girls Grades 3-12 and college students.

Come join us as we explore how God MADE US FOR MORE because of our creation design, gospel identity, and inter-generational friendships.

We live in a culture of “not-enoughness.” We feel the lack of not enough time, energy, relationships, or resources. Our hearts cry, “I need, I want, or I deserve more!” Are you driven to accumulate more “likes” on your social media or influence over others? Maybe you are exhausted by a never-ending quest for peace amid anxiety. This ideology of scarcity underscores our need to consider the sufficiency or “enoughness” of God’s character and purpose. We’ll be talking about creation design, gospel identity, and the joy of inter-generational friendships. We will explore how satisfaction, significance, and sufficiency can only be found by seeking our Savior.

Schedule: Friday evening, 7:00-8:30 pm – Session 1, Creation Design with Paula Miles
Saturday, 9:00 am to 2:30 pm – Session 2, Gospel Identity with Ellen Dykas
Session 3, Created for a Purpose (for girls grades 3-12); Biblical Sexuality Workshop and Q&A (for adults)
Session 4, Walking Each Other Home: The Joy of Intergenerational Friendships with Karen Hodge


We encourage girls third grade and up to join us! This conference is for ALL women—young, single, married and “more seasoned,” as well as your treasured friends. So, gather the women in your circles, plan a special weekend away, and we will save you some seats!

Please join us in praying:

  • That girls and women would be able to attend and participate in the offered cohorts, trainings, and conferences.
  • The Holy Spirit would use those platforms to transform girls’ and women’s hearts and they would bear gospel fruit in their schools, homes, churches, and communities.
  • That God would bind Satan’s efforts to block sound teaching and gospel community.
  • That our girls and women would grow and flourish in their biblically defined roles and God-given design for womanhood, using their gifts to support the worship and work of the Church.
  • That God would provide the resources needed to accomplish all that He is calling us to do.
  • That God would smooth the way for all of the logistics of planning 8 conferences in 8 cities.
  • That God would give the local planning teams joy, wisdom, and creativity in decision-making and planning.

2024 Made for More Conferences

2025 Made for More Conferences

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