Sanctuary Spectacles Series

Beginning in September, we enCourage you to listen to the Sanctuary Spectacles Series.

We invite you to take a walk or share a cup of coffee with a woman in your church who is different from you. They may have a diverse church background, generation, marital status, or ethnicity. During our eight-week Sanctuary Spectacles series: we will interview a single woman, a minority culture woman, a pastor’s wife, a teen woman, a counselor who will give us insights about women who are suffering from anxiety, depression, or other silent sufferings, a woman who is childless yet a spiritual mother to many, a widow, and a woman who ministers to those who may attend church alone or feel like they are on the margins. The main thing is to posture yourself as a listener and learner so that you may be enriched by gaining a new perspective as your friend shares her view from the pew.

We want to share a Community Cultivation Tool with you.

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