Sara DuBose is the author of Be Anxious for Nothing: Finding Hope in a Hectice World, a study published by CDM. I had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about writing, anxiety, and her book.

Christina: How long have you been writing? Have you always loved to write? What compels you to write?

Sara: Our evening meal was done, but the storytelling had just begun. The Little Golden Book in dad’s hand was “The Three Little Pigs” and this 3-4 year-old couldn’t wait for the adventure to begin. Better still, the story outcome. You know the plot. Piggy number 3 built a strong, safe house; a house no wolf or enemy could penetrate. Dreams of becoming a writer began that day, and the dream intensified when someone shared a better narrative: Christ’s story regarding building one’s life on him, our Rock. There is no better news than the story of God’s glory and redemption. This is what compels me to write.

Christina: What are some of your fears in writing? How do you overcome them?

Sara: Beginning on a lighter note, I identify with Snoopy, the cartoon character. As a writer, Snoopy has seen a number of rejections. Recently, in fact, he received two rejections in the same letter. The message read: “The first rejection is for this submission. Our second one is for any future material you might send us.” So, like the beloved dog, I suppose there are two fears: Failure and faultfinding. When I feel God might be calling me to a particular subject I know he expects me to first meditate and pray. If prayer leads me to proceed I know it’s important to yield each facet of it to him. Satan wants me to fear failure and the scrutiny of others. The enemy can only be overcome when I remain in God’s Word and prayer every day.

Christina: Tell us about how you came to write Be Anxious for Nothing: Finding Hope In A Hectic World? What prompted it?

Sara: I started writing articles and short stories in my mid-twenties. Then, about 25 years ago, Dr. Charles Dunahoo, the Coordinator of Christian Education & Publications (now called the Committee on Discipleship Ministries) asked me if I’d write a Bible Study for the women of the PCA. After prayer, we settled on a title: Conquering Anxiety. In 2015 Dr. Steve Estock, the current Coordinator of the Committee on Discipleship Ministries, requested a revision of the study; making it more relevant for the new challenges facing us individually and in our face-paced, hectic world.

Christina: Can you provide a brief summary of the book?

Sara: Although Be Anxious For Nothing is designed as a small group Bible Study, I’ve had several individuals tell me they are using it as a personal devotional. The book’s purpose is to help us recognize and uproot the weeds and thorns of anxiety in our lives so we can be productive and faithful in our walk with God. The twelve short chapters include the reality and reasons of stress and encompass such subjects as our fears related to circumstances, needs, the future, marriage, family, loneliness, crossroads, illness and death. The summary, called The Final Cure shows God’s perfect provision for every stress or anxiety.

Christina: What do you hope God will do with the book?

Sara: If an unbeliever should read this book, I pray God will use it to draw her to the only source of peace and purpose. I also pray God will use it to encourage the believer to trust her past, present and future into her Savior’s hands, knowing his plan is perfect in, and through, the trials and troubles we all experience.

Christina: How has God worked in your own anxieties?

Sara: I can’t pretend to be a model for stress-free living. Like most of us, God has led our family through concerns for our children, grandchildren, our country/world, work, health, etc.  In fact, even today there is an opportunity to trust an unknown into God’s hands. Do you remember the old adage: “Practice what you preach?” Well, God is still teaching me to depend on him one day at a time.

Christina: Do you have a favorite verse or passage from Scripture? What truths anchor you in the midst of anxiety?

Sara: Yes, there are several. One favorite is Christ’s anxiety admonitions in Matt. 6: 25-34. After calling us to observe God’s care of the fowl and flowers, he reminds us we are of greater value. The believer can say with Jesus . . . “your heavenly Father knows.” He concludes this thought with “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own” (32-34).

Some other verses serving as an anchor include: John 14:27, John 16: 33, John 14: 1-6 and Phil. 4:13. I suppose many of these are your favorites too.

Christina: Please share one or two of your favorite quotes from the book.

Sara: In the chapter titled “Under These Circumstances” I share the story of Barrett, a 4-year-old boy facing major surgery. Concerned about the boy’s fear, his parents gave him one short Bible verse to consider. When the child began to pull out of the anesthesia his first words to his parents were: “I love you” and the second sentence was, “When I am afraid, I will trust in you” (Ps. 56:3).

Christina: What are others saying about the book? Can you share some of the endorsements?

Sara: Readers have offered kind endorsements. One wrote, “Author Sara Ann DuBose lovingly offers refreshment for your soul. Reading her book is like a stop in the road leaving you settled down and calmed, able to refocus on the sunrises and sunsets ahead.”

Another stated, “This book offers hope in a pressure-filled world. It is an honest, real, and delightful view of our anxious hearts and gives the true Balm that soothes the soul. I learned, I cried, I laughed as I read. But, most of all, I experienced profound peace and joy.”

Additional comments may be found on Amazon and at the PCA bookstore.

More about Sara:

Professional PhotoThree of my inspirational novels, Where Hearts Live, Where Love Grows and Where Memories Linger form a trilogy and the other two, A Promise for Tomorrow and Uncharted Waters are stand alones. The latest book, Be Anxious For Nothing is an individual and group Bible Study. Bill and I are members of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Montgomery, Alabama. Bill serves as an Elder and sings in the choir. I teach Bible Studies for the Women in the Church and have enjoyed teaching Child Evangelism through the years. We have two daughters and two grandchildren. My hobbies include reading, writing, but no arithmetic! My husband likes to hunt and garden. Other favorite activities on my end include riding through the woods on Bill’s scooter and sitting with him in a deer stand.

Sara will be at the upcoming Transformed Conference in Birmingham and hopes to meet some new PCA friends there.

Christina Fox