by Hope Blanton and Christine Gordon

Do you find yourself questioning how God feels about you after a particularly sinful day? Do you wonder if you need to do something to get back into his good graces? Listen in on Paul’s conversation with the churches in Galatia as he tells them over and over how they are saved and stay saved only by Christ’s work, not theirs. Paul will convince you that Jesus’s work was enough, and will always be enough, not only to pay for your offenses against God, but by the Holy Spirit to make you a new creature.

Galatians is an in-depth study of the entire book, broken up into 8 studies.

Virtual Teaching Sessions are a companion to the Galatians study. Purchase a Galatians study then purchase access to the virtual teaching sessions in order to have additional insight and teaching from Christine Gordon and Hope Blanton in eight different teaching videos.

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