2024 Summer Study

No Empty Word: Relentless Pursuit

A Study on Hosea
by Paula Miles

Filled with shocking language and uncomfortable spiritual realities, the Book of Hosea is unlike any other book in the Bible and yet is a summary of the whole of Scripture. It is the graphic story of our holy God’s deep love, relentless pursuit, and transformation of His faithless and sinful people. With plot twists expected in a romantic movie, God called the prophet Hosea to marry and love the unfaithful prostitute, Gomer, to live out the reality of God’s relationship with Israel.

This summer join teacher Paula Miles and women throughout the PCA for a behind-the-scenes study of the prophet’s dramatic story and our place within it. Experience in Hosea the relentless—persistent, incessant, unwavering, and persevering—pursuit of the Lord.