The statistics of women who have suffered at the hands of another are staggering. What does the Bible say about abuse? Ann Maree Goudzwaard joins Karen Hodge to share her experience as a counselor as she helps us think biblically about how the church can be a “city of refuge” for women in crisis.

Discussion Questions:

  • What word does the Bible use to help us understand abuse?
  • How does a secular view of abuse differ from a biblical view?
  • What are some of the words Ann Maree uses to describe how the church should respond to abuse cases?
  • What are some things your church does to come around women in crisis? Could you walk the corners of your church?

If you are a woman in crisis, we encourage you to contact the leadership of your church.

About the Speaker:

Ann Maree Goudzwaard

Ann Maree Goudzwaard, Director of Communications for the Institute for Biblical Counseling and Discipleship, is married to Bob Goudzwaard, Director of Operations for IBCD. Together with her husband, Ann Maree assists in developing training resources designed to strengthen churches through one-another care. Ann Maree also serves at Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church in Matthews, NC, counseling those in need and training the body to care for others. Ann Maree is a certified biblical counselor with an M.Div/Counseling Emphasis from Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte. Bob and Ann Maree have three grown, married children and ten (adorable!) grandchildren.

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