1 Samuel: At His Feet Studies by Christine Gordon and Hope Blanton

LENGTH: 16 weeks

Description: Here is what Karen Hodge (Women’s Ministry Coordinator for the PCA) says about the studies written by Hope and Christine:

I have had the privilege of reviewing Hope Blanton and Christine Gordon’s bible studies on Romans, I Samuel and their newest on Philippians.

Below you will see the endorsement that I wrote for the Philippians study. I want to heartily commend that we add these studies to the bookstore for the following reasons:

• They are developing and teaching these studies in their PCA church…so they are already field tested.
• These studies are Reformed and robust.
• But what I really like is they are easily accessible. They are designed to be completed in 20-30 minutes either individually or in a small group so they are ideal for new believers, working women or young moms.
• Their questions underscore gospel application.
• I could see many audiences that this study would appeal to….
• You can see a sample of the study online…or I am glad to email you the entire one on Philippians. They also sent me the hard copies to review of I Samuel and Romans.