Adoption and Foster Care

Jesus called the little children to Himself because orphans and children are dear to His heart. Today, Shea Patrick shares about God’s faithfulness in her family’s call to foster care and adoption. She tells how her family’s hope in the gospel and their belief that the Church is called by God to care for the orphans as He places them in families has enabled them to say yes to hard things like fostering and adoption. And she wants us to know it is a HUGE blessing.

Discussion Questions:

  • How do you see your family?
  • How does the Bible broaden your definition of family?
  • What are some ways that Shea says she has seen God’s sovereignty through foster care and adoption? How has she had to trust the Lord?
  • What are ways her story challenges you to trust God more?
  • What are some ways your church can support those in foster care or being adopted?

About the Speaker:

Shea Patrick

Shea Patrick is a former Alabama lawyer, now SAHM living in Orangeburg, South Carolina. She and her pastor-hubby have four children, including two adopted from foster care. Shea loves live music, reading, and watching reruns of the Golden Girls and Designing Women. She loves her church, Trinity Presbyterian, and recently has decided to learn to cook and be a lap-swimmer.

Resources Shea Recommends:

Empowered to Connect

The Foster Parent’s Toolbox

Foster Parent's Toolbox

Tapestry Empowered to Connect


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