Beyond the Roles with Melanie Cogdill, Editor

LENGTH: 21 chapters

Description: The issues we face?personal and corporate?are varied and complex. Our theology determines our response to them, and our ministry to other women must be grounded in a biblical understanding of what God has said about life’s issues. “Beyond the Roles” brings together an ethnically and generationally diverse group of authors to share Bible-based responses to contemporary issues. Collectively, the authors remind us of the gospel truths in which ministry is to be rooted and give us tools to address current challenges while remaining anchored to God’s Word. Essays by well-respected leaders in women’s ministry address such issues as our need for the Word, developing sound theology, personal image, time management, unity in the body of Christ, cultural and racial diversity, gender dysphoria, singleness, and more to encourage us in our own lives as well as in our ministry to other women.