Do you feel a tension in your life between home and mission? Today, Carol Arnold joins Karen Hodge to talk about how living on mission can redefine what it means to “go” and give your life an eternal purpose.

Discussion Questions:

  • In Psalm 1:3, what does it mean to bear fruit in season? Are you in a fruitful season?
  • What does Carol say “go” means?
  • Carol describes a battle we all experience in life. How do you see whatever situation you are facing as a spiritual battle?
  • How important is hospitality in living on mission?
  • How does Carol say her grief was different?
  • Read Phil. 1, and answer the question, what are you living for?

About the Speaker:

Carol Arnold

Carol  is an international speaker, and author of The Liberation of a Resentful Wife and Devoted Wife, Liberated Widow. Her focus is the biblical role of women.

A pastor’s wife for decades and mother of four boys (twelve grandchildren), she has served as missionary for two decades with the organization she and her husband Jack Arnold cofounded : Equipping Pastors International (EPI), serving Africa, Asia, and South America.

Born in Hollywood, she was raised by socialist and atheist parents and grandparents, but found Christ after joining the first Campus Crusade for Christ group of 40 college students at UCLA.

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Equipping Pastors International

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