Proverbs by Kathleen Nielson

LENGTH: 11 weeks

Description: Each of Nielson’s studies covers one complete book of scripture and focuses on careful, inductive study of the text itself: the goal is to read, understand, and then apply God’s word. Helpful background notes and commentary are provided throughout the lessons. The lessons within each study are divided into five days of work. Proverbs: The Ways of Wisdom leads the reader in a detailed study of this book of wisdom literature.

Each lesson’s five days of questions (along with helpful comments and context) guide in a processor careful examination and application of the biblical text.

Early lessons explore the background, shape, and theme of the entire book. The bulk of the lessons dig into Proverbs’ poetic kaleidoscope of wisdom-themes: words, work, neighbors and friends, marriage and family, sex, money, planning for the future.